About our Company

James Morgan

Triad Transportation Technology is the creation of entrepreneur, James Morgan. His extensive experience in computer technology and software development, coupled with his double-decade experience in successful business management and development, led to the launch of Triad Transportation Technology. James built his business by first developing and writing software programs back in 1996 for a variety of insurance companies. As the technology support needs of his customers grew, so has Triad Transportation Technology.

S. M. 'Corky' Gowans

S. M. 'Corky' Gowans married for 38 years and father to three children graduated from the University Nevada Reno in 1974 with a degree in education. 'Corky' upon completing a very modest baseball career joined the University of Nevada coaching staff in 1976 and settled in the community of Reno, NV. In 1979 'Corky' went to work for Nevada Foreign Exchange as the General Manager until moving his family to Boise Idaho in 1988. Starting with a princess telephone in the den, Corky and his wife founded and became the principle owners of Respond Inc., a Banking service related organization bringing exclusive ATM service to Boise ID and soon to be the entire Western United States. Respond Inc. was documented in Inc. Magazine in 1996 and in 1997 has the 254th and 257th fasted growing Companies in the United States, providing ATM, armored, vault and transportation services. Respond Inc, grew in numbers to over 800 employees in 12 States and was sold to Loomis Fargo & Co. in 2002.

Andrew Meyers

Andrew brings a wealth of industry knowledge and vision to the executive team. His leadership and determination are derived from a strong family of entrepreneurs. Andrew was a standout Division 1 baseball player at Monmouth University. As his playing days wound down, Andrew saw an opportunity with a start up in ground transportation technology. By 20, he was knocking on cab windows in airport and train station lines all over the northeast region. He gained ground floor market experience that still holds strong in his sales and innovative development tactics. Andrew's aggressive sales demeanor along with Triad's unique proprietary software capabilities give Triad TransTech an opportunity to position themselves in the forefront of one of the nation's fastest evolving industries

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